The concept

Creative and instructive wooden construction set!

Father of 3 children, Philippe Le Coz, certified carpenter, and Sabrina Le Coz, naturopath, have combined their ideas to create CLOZE!

CLOZE is a wooden construction set, innovative and playful with its 8 different shapes, some of which are in the form of letters.

CLOZE can be played as a 2D puzzle, labyrinth, but also in 3D, in order to develop spatial awareness.

CLOZE is a wooden construction set made in rough timber that can be pastel-coated, painted with chalk, or decorated with coloured or other types of stickers. 

CLOZE Wooden toy

Click on the links below and download the 4 explanatory sheets: 

It is a fun and educational game that allows you to build all kinds of things: animals, dinosaurs, castle, bridge, towers, boats etc.

Be it on his own, with friends or family, the child will design original, architectural inventions using only his imagination as a guide.

CLOZE is a high quality handcrafted product made in France.

CLOZE  allows the child to go back to his roots and play with a living matter.

CLOZE, an ideal game to enhance the creativity and imagination of your children!

CLOZE is advised as from 3 years old as the size of the parts makes it easy for small hands to grab them. 

However, CLOZE requires a minimum of skill and maturity pertaining to spatial awareness in order to handle and use them fully.

CLOZE is a construction set game that is adapted to the child’s age: as he grows, his inventions will also grow to be more complex and elaborate.

CLOZE is a wooden construction set, the act of creating allows children to enhance their skills, self-confidence and to display their know-how.

The concept known as "CLOZE" is intrinsic to the literary and/or artistic creation of Mr Philippe Le Coz and Mrs Sabrina Le Coz, entitled "Quand le bois devient source d'imagination" (Editions USD  System – Collection "Passeport Intellectuel CB n°FR7318PC1116 – Copyright OPIC N°FR7318PC1116). The technical and/or commercial implementation of the methods and know-how of the concept – compelling the production, reproduction and interpretation of all or part of the texts and drawings that are recorded in the work of the aforementioned – is constitutive of the products that are displayed on this website, as well as the commercial and economic projects that are attached to it.

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